Jumping & Flying works in basic Crysis (5767) without mods.
In patched version of Crysis (6156) - Wall Jumping only.

Hi! I'm Freebo - It's 2019 already and I'd like to show you basic tutorials for BEGINNERS - that I have prepared 7 years ago to help you while FLYING training.

Just please watch it carefully and practice your flying on those maps. I'm sure you'll become a really good flyer in a short time. See you in Crysis !

.:: Here are 6 basic FLYING TUTORIALS that should help ::.

Flying on STEEL MILL - Tutorial by Freebo
Just few usefull tips about starting your flights on this map.

Flying on QUARRY - Tutorial by Freebo
Different points for starting and different ways to get high.

Flying on ARMADA - Tutorial by Freebo
How to train flying over this open space map.

Flying on SHORE - Tutorial by Freebo
Where to start flying...

Flying on REFINERY - Tutorial by Freebo
Few ideas and tips for training there.

Flying on NATURAL AIM MAPS - by Freebo
How to train flying over 3 new maps.

.:: Here are just 4 JUMPING TUTORIALS to help in training ::.

Basic Wall Jumping Tutorial - by Freebo
Just basic Wall Jumping for beginners and little advanced

Half-Wall Jumping Tutorial - by Freebo
Other way of using Wall Jumping when it's needed.

Advanced Wall Jumping Tutorial - by Freebo
How to train Advanced Jumping on IA maps

Basic Train Jumping Tutorial - by Freebo
How to use Advanced Jumping on Trains